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Pingjhen Sinfu Park
Yangmei Gueishan Park 
Longtan Township Sport Park
Gueishan Dahua Park

Gueishan Jhongjheng Park
Gueishan Wunhua Park

Lujhu Township 228 memorial
Gueishan -菜公堂一號公園

Dasi Jhongjheng Park
Jhongli Jhongjheng Park

Jhongli 公七Park
Jhongli Jyuguang Park
Jhongli Sinming Park
Pingjhen Park
Pingjhen -Yimin Park
Taoyuan Wunchang Park

Taoyuan -Mt. Hutou Park
Taoyuan -Jhaoyang森林公園

Taoyuan -Yangming Sport Park
Taoyuan -Parentage Park
Matsu community Park
Jiaobanshan Park
Jiabanshan Sculpture Park
Address:21 Shian Fu Road, Taoyuan Tel:(03)3322592 Fax:(03)3318634
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